Netflix movies and series with Iván Massagué

2 movies and series starring Iván Massagué.

Welcome to the Family
August 1, 2018 | Show | 2018
Quando descobrem que foram deixadas de fora do testamento, a segunda mulher e a filha do falecido unem forças para encobrir sua morte.
El Barco
July 3, 2017 | Show | 2013
Forty young crew members traveling aboard a training vessel are in for the adventure of a lifetime -- especially when a storm leaves them lost at sea.

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Feel the Beat
After blowing a Broadway audition, a self-centered dancer reluctantly returns home and agrees to coach a squad of young misfits for a big competition.
Lost Bullet
Facing a murder charge, a genius mechanic with a criminal past must track down a missing car containing the proof of his innocence: a single bullet.
The Last Days of American Crime
A bank robber joins a plot to commit one final, historic heist before the government turns on a mind-altering signal that will end all criminal behavior.