Life Plan A and B

Show, 2016
Life Plan A and B
Two parallel life paths begin for a man and woman in love after she is offered a lucrative promotion far away and must choose between love and career.
The show Life Plan A and B was released in 2016. Parental guidance suggested This show is Emotional, Romantic.

Life Plan A and B on IMDB

Score: 7.6 of the 10

Wei Ru (Drunken To Love You star Rainie Yang) and You Yan (Yan Yu Lin) have a simple relationship. They aren't rich, but they still to enjoy life, even if it means eating three packs of instant noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are, however, very serious about their relationship and sincerely trying to achieve something in life while staying together. One day, opportunity comes knocking at Wei Ru's door, as her company wants to send her to Shanghai, with both a promotion and higher pay. However, the lovely couple cannot imagine living so far together, let alone running a long-term, long-distance relationship. With so much uncertainty in their future, can the two pick the right life plan, or will their dreams shatter in this struggle between option A and B? Life Plan A and B together with Love of Sandstorm are part of the "Q Series" lineup of short dramas also known as "Roseleaf Bramble," that began airing on TTV on Aug 19, 2016. The first segment, consisting of seven episodes directed by Kitamura Toyoharu, ran until Sep 30, 2016, while the second segment, consisting of six episodes directed by Wang Xiao Di and Huang Tian Ren, began on Oct 7, 2016 and is expected to conclude on Nov 11, 2016. The series has garnered much attention prior to its several releases for pairing one bigger star with one talented newcomer, such as Rainie Yang (who completed her tenth studio album prior to the drama) making her proper return since the days of Drunken to Love You alongside newcomer Yan Yu Lin. The extended cast for Life Plan A and B includes Rainie Yang as Zheng Wei Ru, Yan Yu Lin as Tang You Yan, Johnny Lu as Rong Yi Chao, Wu Yue Qing as Zhao Hui, Li Yi Zhen as Tang You Shan, Zhang Fu Jian as Tang's father, Chen Ji Xia as Tang's mother, Xie Ying Xuan as Zhang Jie, Fan Chen Fei as Ms. Gao, Liu Guan Ting as Upperclassman and Zhang Yao Ren as Xiao Ji.

Actors in Life Plan A and B

Audio and subtitles

Audio: Mandarin [Original]
Subtitles: English;Korean;Spanish;Brazilian Portuguese;Traditional Chinese

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