Mountain Men

Movie, 2016, 89 minutes
Mountain Men
Two estranged brothers who reconnect at their mother's wedding drive to a family cabin, but the trip turns into an unexpected struggle for survival.
The movie Mountain Men was released in 2016 and lasts 89 minutes. Suitable for mature audiences only This movie is Witty, Understated.

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The Canadian Rockies was one of the greatest obstacles faced by the early travelers during the fur trade era. The story "Mountain Men" parallels contemporary and historic mountain men as they share some of the same challenges of traversing the rugged mountain terrain. The story opens with spectacular aerial shots of horses moving through high mountain passes, with mountain man Bazil Leonard sharing his intimate thoughts about spending his life as a free man. He dis¬closes how the Rockies, wide-open spaces and horses nurtured his spirit through more than six decades. Bazil Leonard and other mountain men will share the history of the region. Most of these men are descendants of the early fur traders. Bazil and his colleagues move into new territory to clear the trails and explore unknown regions, which the early trail men frequented. They dis-cover a common bond-as they all have a tremendous love of the land and the mountain horseback culture.

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Audio: English
Subtitles: Latin American Spanish;English

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