Operation Chromite

Movie, 2016, 106 minutes
Operation Chromite
To pave the way for a major amphibious invasion, a team of South Korean spies goes behind enemy lines to steal a map of North Korean coastal defenses.
The movie Operation Chromite was released in 2016 and lasts 106 minutes. Not rated. This film has not been rated. This movie is Exciting.

Operation Chromite on IMDB

Score: 6.2 of the 10

In-cheon sang-ryuk jak-jeon is a movie starring Liam Neeson, Jon Gries, and Josie Bissett. A team of spies is sent into Incheon to gain intelligence on North Korean positions ahead of the invasion by UN forces.

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Audio and subtitles

Audio: Korean [Original]
Subtitles: English

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