Paris Is Us

Movie, 2019, 84 minutes
Paris Is Us
Amid a turbulent romance and rising tensions in Paris, a young woman finds herself caught in a dizzying spiral of dreams, memories and what-ifs.
The movie Paris Is Us is a Netflix Original and was released in 2019 and lasts 84 minutes. Noémie Schmidt, who plays Anna, can also be seen in the series "The Break" and "Versailles." For mature audiences. May not be suitable for children 17 and under.This movie is Emotional, Romantic.

Paris Is Us on IMDB

Score: 4.8 of the 10

Anna misses the flight she should have taken to find Greg in Barcelona. The plane crashes. Taken in the vertigo of a death that has been narrowly avoided, she moves away from reality and ...

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Audio and subtitles

Audio: English;Spanish;German;French [Original];French - Audio Description;Italian
Subtitles: Spanish;Traditional Chinese;French;Simplified Chinese;English

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