Singles Villa

Show, 2015
Singles Villa
In a luxurious condominium complex with draconian rules forbidding all romance, two residents fall in love and dare to start a secret relationship.
The show Singles Villa was released in 2015. Parents strongly cautioned. This show is Quirky, Romantic.

Singles Villa on IMDB

Score: 7.6 of the 10

Luxury living at it finest is offered to eight uber rich single men and women. The catch? Fall in love and face eviction. Asked to masquerade as her interior designer friend, small-time artist, Jiang Ke Xin (Xu Lu), finds herself among the residents of Singles Villa. Quickly breaking all the rules, she finds herself falling for fellow resident, Qiao Sheng Yu (Joe Cheng). Enter Jiang Ke Xin's childhood sweetheart, Chi Bo Yuan (Jiro Wang), and a love triangle ensues.

Actors in Singles Villa

Audio and subtitles

Audio: Mandarin
Subtitles: English;Korean;Simplified Chinese

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